Vinyl Siding

1-1By protecting your home from the sun, you maximize your energy savings. Vinyl siding fights off cold in the winter and holds cool in the summer by providing a continuous blanket of insulation around your home. About 40% of wall heat loss is lost through the wooden studs that frame your house (where there is no insulation).

It’s virtually maintenance-free!


  • Energy savings of up to 20%
  • Can straighten imperfections and wavy walls
  • Maximizes thermal efficiency
  • Long-lasting Performance: Vinyl won’t dent, peel, rot or ever need painting.
  • Design beauty and flexibility: Turns your house into a home
  • Vinyl siding comes in a full selection of siding designs, soffit and accessories to accentuate your
  • home and create a unique look.
  • Today’s finishes provide the natural look of wood siding.
  • Maximum Resale Value
  • Vinyl siding ranks in the top 10 home improvements for investment recovery.
  • In some regions of the U. S., the recovery on investment for vinyl siding is over 100% of the cost.

Vinyl siding works beautifully on entire homes or with other exterior surfaces such as brick or stone.


3What is vented soffit?

Vented soffit provides an intake of fresh air that helps moisture and excess heat escape.


  • Non-prorated
  • Transferable
  • No service charges
  • Full coverage for as long as the original purchaser is living and is the owner of the property
  • Coverage for exposure to ocean air (salt spray)
  • Will not fade more than 4 color units (on premium products) or 6 color units (on all other products)4
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  • Repair or replace at no cost to the original owner
  • Will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode or be consumed by termites
  • Special limited warranty for hail damage
  • Quality raw materials
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Vinyl Siding

By protecting your home from the sun, you maximize your energy savings. Vinyl siding fights off cold